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I visited Seattle for the first time in August. I didn’t know much about the city and had no expectations of what it would be like. Everything was so green and the people were all so nice, I absolutely loved it! It makes me appreciate that often the expectations you set dictate the experience you have. So lucky to have a good friend to visit there…I can’t wait to go back!

lynetteboyle_seattle_0017 lynetteboyle_seattle_0016

My husband and I visited Mendocino for our wedding anniversary this year, and I’m not going to lie, I wanted to go mainly because it’s the fictional town of Cabot Cove in Murder She Wrote. I am an unashamed fan of this show and Angela Lansbury. It’s a tiny village and I felt so giddy walking around, recognizing views and buildings from the the show. I walked past J.B. Fletcher’s house so many times. Every time I did, I recalled living in a historic house in Salem, MA. Not just any old historic house, but the one that Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote The Scarlett Letter in. Hy husband and I used to giggle a little at the tourists who would peer in our windows…like they might see Hawthorne writing away. Well, at least he was real. Here I was wanting to see a fictional character walk out of this house and tend her roses. It’s an impressive house though, and I was not too embarrassed to stand in front of the gate for a quick photo. I can understand the fascination people have with this village. The power lines are all buried underground, and it feels a little bit like you’ve stepped back in time and over to the east coast when you walk past the houses. There is definitely an air of New England about it, and walking home from dinner the last night it felt like we were back in Salem. Perhaps it was the wine. Between the fog, the textures, and the era I felt I was in, it only seemed appropriate to shoot black and white.

Mendocino_01 Mendocino_02 Mendocino_03 Mendocino_04 Mendocino_05 Mendocino_06 Mendocino_07

As some of you already know, 2013 was a busy year for me professionally and personally! In September, I moved into an actual office space with my friends from One True Love Vintage Rentals and Especially Yours Chair Covers. We’ve been busy laying floors, painting, and decorating! Then, a couple months later, my husband and I closed on our house and moved up to the North Bay. Even though we spend most of our free time now working on the house, we try to take a break every so often to go out and enjoy Sonoma county. A couple weekends ago we hopped in the car for a quick ride out to Bodega Bay for an afternoon of walking and eating chowder. It’s easy to get used to our surroundings here, and forget how beautiful the landscape…not to mention that the weather is so fabulous you can enjoy it year round. But to go out in February and walk in the sun along the ocean, well, that’s why we live here. In a previous life I think I must have been an old English rambler. When I have free time all I want to do is find somewhere vast and peaceful to walk. If it were up to me, I would walk until my feet hurt so much that I couldn’t walk anymore. Thank goodness I can handle that, because I find myself on my feet for usually 10+ hours at weddings! Below are just a couple shots from our walk along the Bodega Bay coast…no photos of the chowder and crab rolls though, we devoured them!

Shot with Contax 645 | Processed and Scanned by Richard Photo Lab